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I see economic and spiritual liberation as two sides of the same coin. Having all the money in the world doesn’t mean much if you still can’t get over your high school breakup, and being free of emotional ties isn’t worth much if you are living paycheck to paycheck.

When people come to me for financial advice, I typically refer them to therapy as they almost invariably already have enough money. When people come to me for spiritual guidance, I usually ask them about their finances.

Someone who has an awareness of their spiritual shortcomings is already spiritually advanced, in my opinion, by the mere fact that they have recognition of their current emotional state. A lack of money, in my experience, is more often than not the blind-spot that is holding this person back from enjoying their spiritual liberation. I also find the inverse to be true.  Awareness of a lack of financial abundance is the first first step towards actually experiencing financial abundance, whereas the second step is less obvious and often found in their lack of familiarity with the emotional ties they have with their relationship to money, which keep them in a perpetual state of financial scarcity.

If you think your issue is financial, I implore you to focus on the spiritual resources found here. If you think your issue is spiritual, I implore you to focus on the economic resources found here.